Barrierseal waterpoofing System

Barrierseal is designed for waterproofing all types of concrete surfaces such as concrete roof,foundation walls,basement and retaining walls. Mixed with power part and fully reinforced with fabric,it forms a hard-wearing and flexible waterproofing system. It is a fluid applied waterproof System for roof & basement that allows design professionals to create seamless waterproof systems which have no accessories and no leakage points,6 years renewable warranty.


  1. Recover and New concrete roof waterproofing
  2. Gutter of metal roof
  3. Flat and low-pitched roof waterproofing,including BUR,concrete, EPDM,Hypalon,modified bitumen,PVC,and TPO
  4. Parapet wall & Exterior wall waterproofing

Application Guidelines:

Barrierseal slurry is prepared by mixing Barrierseal liquid part and power part together. Add Barrierseal liquid part to a clean 5-gallon pail and mix with a slow-speed mechanical mixer. Slowing add the power part until a totally homogenous and lump-free slurry is produced. The mixed slurry must be run out in 6 hours.


Apply a 6“or 12”wide strip of ROOFMATE Base coat,Fabric,and base coat over corner,cracks and joints.
Apply one coat of Barrierseal slurry to the substrate,ROOFMATE fabric lay into the wet Barrierseal slurry,finally a second coat of Barrierseal slurry saturating the fabric from above,making sure there are no wrinkles or air pockets.Overlap fabric is about 4 inches.


Let it dry at lease 12 hours. Apply the Barrierseal slurry to the treated area one more time.
Barrierseal slurry should only be applied with roof brush. Rolling and spraying of Barrierseal slurry are absolutely forbidden.


Barrierseal coat =400sqf/5gal/coat ,total three coats.


Clear UP

Thoroughly clean and rinse application equipment with fresh water



6 year renewable

Standard 6 year renewable

Standard Barrierseal system(one coat Barrierseal slurry +Roofmate Fabric+ one coat Barrierseal slurry e+one coat Barrierseal slurry),Total Roofmate dry thickness should be a minimum of 1.30 mm (0.05inches ).


system(one coat Barrierseal slurry+Roofmate Fabric+one coat Barrierseal M slurry e+one coat Barrierseal slurry), Total Roofmate dry thickness should be a minimum of 1.30 mm (0.05inches ).


10 year renewable

Enhanced Barrierseal system(one coat Barrierseal slurry +Roofmate Fabric+ one coat Barrierseal slurry e+ one coat Barrierseal slurry+ one coat Barrierseal slurry), Total Barrierseal dry thickness should be a minimum of 1.70 mm (0.07inches ).

What are the advantages

  • Protects masonry surfaces from water damage
  • Will not peel off like stick-on adhesives
  • System never has to be torn off
  • Resists acid rain and chemical pollutants from chemical spills and fallout damage
  • Meets V.O.C. emissions and regulations to eliminate facility down-time during installation
  • Easy application and clean up
  • No special training or equipment required to install
  • Resists ponding water
  • Wear resistant and hard to damage
  • Nontoxic formulation is safe to apply