FlexSeal Coat 5 yr. Material Warranty

We, HYDROSEAL, INC., warrant our Flexseal Coat System for five years from the date of final inspection; that Flexseal Coat will not peal, crack or blister as a result of a defect in the product. This warranty does not apply to any failures except that stated above or to any failures which result from poor surface preparation, improper application, failure of existing or previous coating, structural defects, mechanical damage, vandalism, acts of God or war, misuse, film breakage caused by structural movement, roof leaks, improper flashing details, water intrusion from behind the film, below grade seepage, or other factors beyond the scope of the coatings intended purpose. This warranty requires two coats of Flexseal coat at a minimum coverage rate of 180 square feet per gallon per coat.


It is acknowledged that some fading of the coating is expected to normally occur over time and is not considered a paint failure or a breach of this warranty.

This warranty covers the Flexseal Coat System application. No other warranty is being expressed or implied. This warranty covers material installed by an approved applicator for a period of five years and must be applied per the manufacturer’s specifications. All warranted applications must be inspected prior, during and after the application by a HYDROSEAL, INC. representative to ensure proper application.

Crack Bridging Elastomeric Coating

Masonry, and in particular, stucco, is a major point of entry for water. This is especially true since masonry tends to crack.

FLEXSEAL COAT Crack bridging elastomeric is carefully formulated to stay flexible to handle crack movement and provide a high-quality water seal at the same time.

FLEXSEAL COAT keeps the water out while allowing you the option of hundreds of colors to match your decor.

Application Guidelines

Surface preparation

Power wash and clean all surfaces to be waterproofed.


Chalking surfaces must be primed with SUREBOND PRIMER.. All other surfaces do not require priming.


SUREBOND PRIMER = 300 square feet per gallon.

FLEXSEAL COAT = 1 coat…180 square feet per gallon.
2 coats…90square feet per gallon.
3 coats…60square feet per gallon.


Call Hydro-Seal, Inc. or your Hydro-Seal Representative.